Our most commonly asked questions about Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD resources below, please contact us.  Our team of VDC experts is here to help

System Requirements

What versions of AutoCAD is the Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD software compatible with?

Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD is compatible with AutoCAD 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

What versions of Windows is the Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD software compatible with?

Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD is compatible with versions 2016-2020.

How do I download Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD?

Simply click on the “Download” button featured on the AutoCAD page, or click here.

How do I uninstall the Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD software from my computer?

Select control panel – uninstall a program – and select Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD.Your computer will prompt you with any additional uninstall steps.

Victaulic Modeling Content

Does Victaulic have AutoCAD content blocks, and if so where can I find Victaulic’s blocks?

Victaulic offers content for AutoCAD 2D, 3D, and Plant3D. This content is accessible here.

Will Victaulic’s AutoCAD toolbar software work for projects featuring metric and imperial sizes?

Yes. Victaulic Tools for Revit supports projects with metric and imperial units.

Training and Support

Are there any Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD instructional videos available?

See the video resources section below for a library of tutorial videos. Additionally, the Victaulic AutoCAD YouTube Playlist has multiple videos explaining how, to use each feature of Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD.

Does Victaulic offer training for their AutoCAD tools?

Customized training on Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD is available upon request. Click here for more information.

Where can I find the Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD User Manual?

The Victaulic Tools for Revit user manual is available here. The Victaulic AutoCAD YouTube Channel has multiple videos explaining in detail how, when, and why to use each feature of Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD.

Who do I contact for Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD software support?

On the Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD toolbar, use the “Report Issue” button. An email will be generated to our Victaulic Software email address. Please complete an email and tell us your issue. You can also contact Victaulic at any time via phone or email. All contact information is available at

Tutorial Videos

Introducing the latest FREE software tool from Victaulic. We’ve taken some of our classic pipe modeling tools and applied them to AutoCAD. Access the full catalog of Victaulic AutoCAD 3D DWG libraries and software resources with one click!

Select your start and endpoints for pipe breaks to reveal any hidden components in your drawing. Bonus features of the tool include the ability to move and connect, or copy and connect components based on selection – this increases your modeling efficiency allowing you to be Faster from the Start.

Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD – Draw Custom Pipe Lengths
With Victaulic’s latest FREE tool for AutoCAD you can set exact lengths of pipe with Victaulic Blocks! Set your modules and choose from IPS, AWWA, Copper tubing, Stainless Steel and HDPE options, and connect pipe to the nodes contained in each Victaulic AutoCAD 3D block, with ease!

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