Fabrication is possible when you use these powerful tools

Revit is
Fabrication Ready

The Victaulic Toolbar is
optimized for efficiency,
making you fabrication ready

Victaulic Dock

Access the Component Bank to expedite the placement of components in your model and to select components, to save and recall as you move from project to project.

Fabrication Tools

Developed by Victaulic’s VDC team, these toolsets amplify Revit and allow you to fabricate projects faster than ever.

Project Maintenance

Select Victaulic or any pipe family to add to your project. Load specific elements or parameters from any Revit project. Select templates or view ports, schedules, legends, title blocks and annotation families.

Continuous Spooling

Customizes and defines fab spools by simply selecting field joints to match shop and installation.

Package Manager

Manage large selections of components with this powerful tool.

  • Works for assembled, and non-assembled parts
  • Create views and sheets based upon project settings
  • View all project sheets in your model and add revisions to multiple sheets at once
  • Generate package sheets
  • Customize categories for skids
  • Automate fab maps

Connects your Victaulic Tools for Revit model with GTP Stratus. Now project updates are available within both software platforms!

  • Easily track assemblies or fab shop deliverables
  • Updated components in Revit will now appear within the package section of GTP Stratus.

Procurement Tool

This selection based bill of material tool is the only way inside Revit to create a material list from a simple selection of families from any view in the project.

Track your fabrication schedules and deliverables with GTP Stratus – now incorporated into Victaulic Tools for Revit.

Are you ready to experience this powerful tool?

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