Increase your drawing productivity and expand your pipe drawing
capabilities with the latest AutoCAD MEP toolsets from Victaulic

Work smarter with Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD®, engineered for civil, plant and mechanical projects

Pipe Tools

  • Set your modules – IPS, AWWA, copper tubing, stainless steel and HDPE options available.
    • Connect pipe to the nodes contained in each Victaulic AutoCAD 3D Block.
    • Select your start and end points for pipe breaks and reveal hidden components.
    • Move and connect or copy and connect components based on selection to increase modeling efficiency.

Procurement Tools

  • Enable model-based estimation with BOM functionality.
  • Create a list of all piping components in your drawing.
    • Place the BOM in your drawing, or export to .csv, .xls, or Microsoft Access.
    • Place material tags manually or automatically on a drawing’s corresponding BOM.
  • Easily remove the BOM and tags from the drawing.

Content in One Click

  • Content Center – Gain access to the full Victaulic library of components.


  • Access all Victaulic Tools for AutoCAD® software content in one place.
  • Access the full catalog of Victaulic AutoCAD 3D DWG libraries, and software resources with one click.

Designed to simplify your workflow and improve productivity

Set exact lengths of pipe in AutoCAD with Victaulic Blocks

  • Draw pipe to industry standards and create pipe lists for fabrication.
  • Pre-loaded with most requested Victaulic content.
  • Detailed blocks for modeling fire protection, IPS, stainless steel, copper, HDPE, CPVC and AWWA piping systems.
  • Dimensionally accurate components.
  • Three flexible couplings eliminate need for rubber bellows and braided flex connectors at vibrating equipment.

Victaulic catalog items are readily available for AutoCAD including all manufactured Vibration Isolation Pump Drops, AHU Drops, and PRV Stations.

Engineered for Design Teams

Spatial considerations are everywhere – Victaulic’s AutoCAD® tool simplifies your detailing and gets you from one room to the next with ease.

  • Set your field forms, sketch up your piping, or send to your fab shop with one easy-to-use tool.
  • Customize your BOMs for enhanced communication.
    • Select quantities, size and descriptions for each component.
    • Export BOM to .csv files for sharing.

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